• Is it Worth the Risk? Why Starting a Business During a Pandemic was a Great Idea

    I was recently interviewed by The Knoxville Voyager where I share my story and a little bit about my experience as a small business owner...
  • How to Accessorize for the 2021 Winter Season and Look Fabulous

    I have a confession. I'm NOT a fan of cold weather. In the past, I've spent most of the winter indoors and waited (not so patiently) for it to be warm enough to emerge without three layers of clothing. Until recently, I never got into winter fashion because of my aversion to dropping temperatures. This year, I am determined to make the most of the chilly air and wear super cute (AND WARM) accessories. I did a little research on what's trending right now and came up with a shortlist of adorable and functional additions to your Winter wardrobe...
  • Five Beautiful Crochet Christmas Decor Ideas for the Holiday Lover

    I’m the type to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to put up my Christmas decor but that doesn’t mean I’m not making some special pieces before then! I love having a fun project to work on during the holiday weekend while I’m spending time with family. Here are some simple but beautiful ideas…
  • Want to Learn Crochet but not Sure Where to Start? Here’s what You Need to Know

    If you search “how to crochet” you will find thousands of blogs and videos. It can be super overwhelming to know where to start! When I decided to learn crochet, I tried to follow a YouTube tutorial but was super frustrated because it looked nothing like the video. Crochet tutorials and videos are great but if you don’t know the foundational skills then they can be super difficult to follow. I’m going to share how to crochet from the very beginning so you’re not muddling your way through a pattern or tutorial like I did. Here are the most asked questions I get from crochet beginners:
  • 3 Simple Reasons I Enjoy Crocheting with Jute Twine

    I started experimenting with crocheting using alternative materials last year during quarantine. Some of the textiles I tried were rope, t-shirt yarn, and raffia. But my favorite was jute. At the time, I didn't even know what jute was made of. I learned more about the material and created my first bag using jute twine. Now, I prefer crocheting my bags with jute for several reasons...
  • Five Quick and Easy Crochet Gift Ideas that Your Friends and Family Will Love

    Everyone keeps reminding me that Christmas is just around the corner. So I finally started working on my list of handmade gifts for the holiday season. The best part about making gifts is that I don't have to worry about them selling out! Some of the supplies have been low stock though so keep in mind when choosing your gift projects. Here are four quick and easy ideas for crochet gifts...
  • What's a Crochet Kit? Here's Everything You Need to Know About this Super Fun Project!

    I've gotten several requests for crochet patterns for the bags in my shop. So I decided to start releasing the patterns of my bags AND crochet kits with everything you need to make them. Below are all the details on the crochet kits, the patterns, and how you can get your hands on them!
  • Want to Learn More Crochet Stitches? Here are 3 You're Going to Love

    There are so many crochet techniques out there! It can be overwhelming trying to find a place to start. Learning new stitches is one of my favorite parts of crochet. I enjoy the process of learning new techniques and discovering the best ways of using them. I've compiled a shortlist of crochet stitches with the difficulty level and some ideas for how to use them. Expanding your knowledge of crochet doesn't have to be complicated. Check these out!
  • 3 Ways to Boost Your Creativity when You're Feeling Blocked

    I spent years thinking I was no longer creative. It turned out I was just sleep-deprived! Having two children 18 months apart turned out to be a recipe for chronic sleep deprivation (go figure). As I started getting more consistent sleep and caring for myself better I started to notice the fog lifting. My desire to create returned! Even now that I have a creative business, I still have days of feeling creatively "blocked." I've discovered a few tips that have helped me ride the waves of creativity more consistently...
  • How to Easily Create the Craft Studio of Your Dreams with less than $150

    I started my business with a tote bag of crochet supplies and a basket full of jute. However, I quickly started accumulating more supplies. Before I knew it, my bedroom was a chaotic mess of bags! The kitchen table wasn't cutting it anymore as my workspace/desk/packaging center. My husband and I have been talking about cleaning out the garage for YEARS. It's embarrassing how long it took us to finally make It happen. In the process, I got inspired to create a craft studio in my garage. Here's how I put together my studio for less than $150!

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