From Finance Robot to Creative Entrepreneur

Two years ago I was working in corporate finance and incredibly unhappy with my career. I wanted out but was having trouble finding a way forward. When I was suddenly let go from my job, I felt ashamed and embarrassed. I had no idea what I should do next.

As I was job hunting the pandemic started. Covid-19 did a number on a lot of people's mental health and I was no exception. I have a form of OCD that causes a compulsion to pick at my skin. My therapist suggested working with my hands to relieve anxiety and fulfill my compulsions. I thought I would try out crochet. It was love at first stitch!

I had this idea that I should start a business because I didn't want my hobby to become wasteful. I enjoy being creative and also wanted to have a positive impact on my environment. Bags by Bento was born! Getting fired was one of the best things to happen to me! I needed the push forward to go after what truly fulfills me and utilizes my skills and talent.

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