I spent years thinking I was no longer creative. It turned out I was just sleep-deprived! Having two children 18 months apart turned out to be a recipe for chronic sleep deprivation (go figure). As I started getting more consistent sleep and caring for myself better I started to notice the fog lifting. My desire to create returned! Even now that I have a creative business, I still have days of feeling creatively "blocked." I've discovered a few tips that have helped me ride the waves of creativity more consistently...

1. Rest  

I'm confident that the most crucial ingredient to a creative lifestyle is resting. Knowing when it's time for a break is an incredible skill to have in our current culture where burnout is often praised. When I go several days or weeks without feeling a creative surge, then I check in with myself to see if I'm feeling exhausted physically or mentally.

2. Change of Scenery

 I'm on vacation at beach with my family right now. Being in a different environment always brings a new wave of creativity for me. You don't have to go on vacation to change up your surroundings. I often visit places in my own hometown that I've never visited before. A park, coffee shop, or garden can be just as inspiring! 

3. Learn Something New

I recently got in a slump creatively with my crochet. I had just finished a large batch of bags for a wholesale order and was feeling the signs of burnout taking over. I needed to mix it up so I could get some new ideas for my crochet projects. I decided to go to a macrame workshop which was totally new to me. It was a blast and I also got super inspired with ideas of my own! If you're feeling "meh" about your usual channel of creative expression, then try something new. A cooking class, book club, or hiking excursion might just do the trick!

If you enjoyed these tips then you might interested in the book "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. She explores the concept of creativity in depth and how to pursue a lifestyle of curiosity. Expressing myself creatively brings excitement, adventure, and fulfillment to my life. Our culture tells us that we should be "good" at something or it's not worth doing. Many people won't even try painting, crochet, dance, etc. because they don't think they would be great at it. The point isn't to be the best but to ENJOY the process. 

Cheers to enjoying the process and riding the wave of creativity!



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