I started experimenting with crocheting using alternative materials last year during quarantine. Some of the textiles I tried were rope, t-shirt yarn, and raffia. But my favorite was jute. At the time, I didn't even know what jute was made of. I learned more about the material and created my first bag using jute twine. Now, I prefer crocheting my bags with jute for several reasons... 

Rolls of Jute twine spelling out JUTE

1. It's Sustainable

Jute is referred to as the "golden fiber" because it comes from plant fiber that originates in Southeast Asia. The fibers are harvested from a plant that looks like golden grass when it's dried. The same plant fibers are now grown all over the world making jute a sustainable option. It can also be composted so it's eco-friendly.

Jute Fibers from a Plant

Courtesy of Patrika.com

2. It's Affordable

Many of the eco-friendly options for yarn can be higher priced. Jute is a great option because it's readily available and much more affordable than say merino wool or bamboo fiber. I'm able to offer my bags for a competitive price and still pay myself for my hard work! 

A bundle of rolls of jute twine on a black and white background

3. It's Unique

The competition for crochet is fierce. Anyway one can stand out is a good thing. Jute isn't commonly used! There is a huge opportunity for innovative products using jute. Unlike most yarns, jute has a sturdy structure to it which is perfect for bags. My bags hold their shape and stand out from the crowd.

Jute Bags

The Daisy Bag & The Bento Backpack

I could keep going about all the things I love about jute but you'll just have to try for yourself! Grab one of my crochet kits for the perfect crash course in making your own bag with jute twine. 

Crochet Bag Kit

The Honeycomb Bag Kit

As always, I'm happy to answer questions or hear your thoughts about working with jute. Email me at bagsbybento@gmail.com or DM me on social media. Have fun experimenting!



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