I'm not a very patient person which is why I love quick crochet projects. Hair accessories are fun to make and super quick! Crochet hair accessories make adorable and thoughtful gifts. Here are three of my favorite crochet hair accessory patterns:

Crochet Scrunchie

Who doesn't love a good scrunchie?? Not only are they useful but you can make them in your favorite colors! I have a free scrunchie tutorial on my Pinterest page that is quick and easy no matter your skill level. 

How to Crochet a Scrunchie with yarn, a crochet hook, and a scrunchie pictured

Crochet Bandana 

Bandanas are back! My 90's kid dreams have come true. Make your own cottagecore hair accessory with this free pattern by @brunaticality. 

Crochet Bandana

Photo by @Brunaticality

Crochet Headband/Earwarmer

Now, is the perfect time to start working on cozy accessories for cooler weather. This chevron headband is an adorable way to accessorize and stay warm! Check out the free pattern by Stitching Together.

Chevron Headband Free Crochet Pattern

Photo by Stitching Together

Have fun crocheting and show off your finished projects! Send me an email bagsbybento@gmail.com if any questions come up. I'm always happy to connect and help other makers.  



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Woman wearing crochet bag and scrunchie