I turned thirty!! I've been processing this milestone with copious amounts of champagne and a spontaneous body piercing. Don't get me wrong, I'm pumped to be thirty years old. But, it's brought up some thoughts about my twenties that have taken extra care to process. I tried my best to capture these thoughts in a way that makes sense for anyone who might benefit from the ramblings of a thirty-year-old.

1. Stronger than you think

I was going through some old boxes and found a journal from middle school (yikes). One of my entries, described in great detail the atrocity I was being forced to endure... wearing a turtleneck. I was pissed at my mom for making me wear this torturous piece of clothing. According to 12-year-old Taylor, life was over and I would never recover from the embarrassment of being seen in a turtleneck at church. 

I share this anecdotal story because I spent much of my life believing I was weak and wouldn't make it through the challenges of life. I've endured quite a lot in the last thirty years but for some reason, I couldn't see the collection of ways I have overcome. I guess I needed a lot of practice. I'm not perfect at remembering my strength, but I've definitely grown in my ability. 

2. If you feel like shit, drink some water

Drinking water has literally been the answer to 99.9% of my problems. I might be exaggerating (I'm good at that) but seriously. I spent years of my twenties feeling like I was half dead from dehydration.  

3. You're never a grown-up

I remember thinking as a child that one day I would be a "grown-up" and have it all figured out. Turns out, that magical day never comes! I still feel like a child most days and the imposter syndrome is real. I'm a business owner, a mother, a wife and I still feel like I need to "grow up." I have panic moments sometimes where I realize I'm responsible for the health and safety of two humans and a cat. When I'm feeling the weight of my high-interest student loans, I take a step back and remember how far I've come. 

Woman jumping on a colorful bed with skirt on

Gaining a new perspective has been incredibly helpful for me. I imagine looking through a camera lens at my life and zooming out far enough to see what's behind and in front of me. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what's happening right in front of us that we forget the experiences we've already had or have yet to happen. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, suffocated, or lost I take a step back and try to find a new perspective. This is a skill I didn't have for most of my twenties. I feel ready to face whatever this new decade of my life will bring!  


Taylor Bento

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