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I freehand all of my bags! When I make something I like THEN I write a pattern for it. I guess you could say my crochet hook is my paintbrush and each stitch a brushstroke.

THERE’S NO SECRET Y’ALL 🤯 For years I wanted to start my own business but kept waiting for this magical moment when it would all come together perfectly. I finally JUST DID IT. I stopped waiting for the perfect idea, the right time until I was “expert” enough. If imposter syndrome is the only thing holding you back here’s your sign to start something!

Obviously, making a living is helpful and allows me to keep making my creations. But, it stops being fun when I focus too much on results instead of enjoying the process.

Granny Squares are super fun to make and can create so many beautiful projects! grab your hook and join the fun.

Bags by Bento has taken the idea of the fanny pack and added a bit of luxury. Still sporty but with added texture and neutral tones. Level up your Fall outfits with a versatile and stylish fanny pack! The Sling Bag has the vibe of an oversized fanny pack for the times you need more space to carry items. Keep the functionality and be stylish at the same time.

Learn this gorgeous crochet stitch and bring your skills to the next level!

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